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Samsung Bangalore (SRIB) Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 02 Oct, 2020
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We got a mail on 1st Sept’2020 that SRIB is visiting our campus for hiring summer interns. Students with more than 7.5 CGPA were eligible for the internship. There was one coding round and two Technical Interview rounds. Due to COVID’19, all the rounds were online.

Coding Round ( On 5th September)

 The coding round was of 70 minutes with three questions( one of 3 marks and two of 5 marks). Only 65 out of 150 students were eligible for this round. It was conducted on cocubes. While preparing I heard that cocubes doesn’t support STL but after going through some quora answers I got to know that it depends on the company and SRIB allows using of STL. Just remember to change the language to C++ and add “#include<bits/stdc++.h>” in the code editor.(SRIB only allows to code in C, C++, and JAVA).

Questions were :

1. Find Last Digit Of a^b for Large Numbers 

 The constraints for the above question were different from the attached article.

1<= a <= 2^{64} 0<= b <= 2^{64}

 So, you can also solve the question using modular exponentiation 

2. Find the number of ways to reach at stair Nth stair from the bottom if Ram can jump atmost m stairs in one time.

I have solved this question in O(N*m) during the test but after discussing with my friends I got to know that it can also be solved in O(n). 

3. Find the sum of all the left leaves whose siblings exist.

1st Technical Round (7th Sept)

11 students were shortlisted for this round. The interview was scheduled on skype. In my interview, the first question was a coding question.  Initially, I explained the O(N^2) solution and then tries to approach an optimized solution. After a few minutes, the interviewer gives me a hint and then I come with a solution of O(N) complexity. Then he asked me to code a function that returns true if a string can be converted into a palindrome string after applying infinite swappings if required and false otherwise. 

Then he asked me to explain one project from my resume. The result of the first round was out within around 15minutes and the next round was scheduled after around 45minutes.

2nd Technical Round(7th Sept)

In the second round of the interview, the interviewer asked me to write the code of insertion function in a Trie. Then he asked me about my favorite subject and asked me some questions on OS. Questions were –

  • What is process?
  • Define semaphores. Difference between binary semaphore and mutex.
  • What is pagination and what is deadlock?

Then he switched to CN and asked about TCP, UDP, and the difference between TCP and UDP. After asking some general questions my interview was over and I got the news in the evening that I was selected for Summer Intern in SRIB(Total 6 students were selected for summer Intern).

I will recommend you to go through all the interview experience for SRIB internship on geeks for geeks.

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