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Samsung R&D Bangalore On-Campus Intern July-2019

Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2022
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Round 1: It was a coding round hosted on There were one 3 marks question and two 5 marks question which were needed to be solved within an hour. Questions : My set was: Given an array of size n, that contains arithmetic progression, we must return the missing term. Return the count of nodes in a binary tree, whose data is equal to the sum of its children. Given a matrix representing which child likes which toy. matrix[i][j]=1 represents that child ‘i’ likes toy ‘j’. One child can get only 1 toy and one toy can be assigned to only 1 child. Find maximum number of children who can get the toy they wished. 3 marks questions were mainly based upon arrays and strings (manipulation, greedy, dynamic programming) All of the 5 marks questions were from trees, except one which was from graphs(DFS) Practice trees thoroughly. 48 students out of 200 were selected in this round. 

Round 2: It was a written round. 48 students were divided into groups of 5-6. Each group was called one by one and was assigned a mentor. The mentor gave 30 mins to write as many approaches as they knew. Our group was asked: Write a code to return the Longest Palindromic Substring of the given string, also space and time complexity of the code is discussed. Other questions were- 1.Write a code to determine the shortest path( 1 is path 0 means blockage) in a binary matrix. 2. Write a code to determine the minimum index sum of the coinciding character of two character arrays. Try to come up with an optimized solution. Even you cannot complete the full code within time, you could simply write the approach. While submitting the code to the interviewer, you need to explain your approach. This is very crucial. Lucidly explain your code line by line. Do not indulge in a new method if you can’t explain it clearly to the interviewer . Speak with confidence. Be calm, never be nervous. After this round 25-28 students were selected. 

Round 3 (Face-to-Face): This was the final round. The interview started with some questions on the previous projects, which you have mentioned in your resume . For me I mentioned my Area of Interest as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, so the question was ‘Can you explain me how cryptocurrency works?’ I explained it clearly for about 15 mins . Make sure that you are in a position to answer any questions from your resume. Then he gave me a scenario, that you are given a million of pages and each page consists atleast 5 words. If a word was given, we must return all the number of the pages (Page Number) which contains the given word. How will you do it in an efficient manner? After that he asked me to design a system which receives a 10MHz clock pulse and transmits it as 5 MHz . I gave a solution with JK Flip-flop which convinced him a little. Then he tested me on some memory allocation questions. My advice is “Never be idle”. Even if you don’t know the exact answer, try to come up with a solution that convinces the interviewer. “Keep Trying and Be confident” 11 students were selected. I was one of them :)) I thank GeeksForGeeks for providing standard materials which are very useful and helpful for the students. All the Best !!

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