Samsung Interview Experience for Internship at Samsung Research Institute

CGPA requirement: 7.0 ,branch – CSE ECE EEE ICE

There was a total of 3 rounds.

First-round: Online test, in this section 3 coding questions were given of easy to medium difficulty, time given was 70mins. Shortlisted were only the ones who got all 3 solved perfectly. 

Second round: Interview 1, it was a technical interview round, started off with an introduction, and I was given a question to find a number of pairs in an array, they wanted both space efficient and time efficient approaches. After this round 2 got selected to go into the next round.

Third round: It was a technical + HR round, started with a basic DSA question, and they asked about projects in my resume, (they went into quite some depth), they asked basic OOPS questions (what you understand by abstraction?). This round went for around 1hr 15mins.

After this, I got a text in the internship group about being selected in SRIB.

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