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Qualcomm Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 23 Jun, 2022
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I applied for Qualcomm for a software role on their career portal. They conducted a total of 4 rounds of virtual interviews. It was a 3 days long process. No online test was conducted for me.

Round 1 (Technical 1-Screening – 45mins) : Microsoft teams was used for all the interviews. It started with introduction. He then touched upon my projects and internship experience. 2 coding question were given and it was supposed to be solved by sharing screen . Interviewer was very helpful . Any language can be used to solve. Questions asked were:

Did that and Then certain OOPs concept were concepts were asked , difference between method overloading and method overriding , concept of abstraction, static methods and variables. Then I was screened in.

TIP: Use “Draw on Page” chrome extension to better explain your approach.

Round 2 (Technical 2 –  45mins) : This happened after 5 mins on the same call. Again some introduction. He saw one of my project involving use of multithreading. Hence, he asked me about concept multithreading. 2-3 questions were given . Any language can be used to solve.

Some resume based question like he asked questions on my certifications and hobbies.

Round 3 (Technical 3 – 1 hr) : This happened after 5 mins. Here Interviewer were very helpful and they were giving me hints continuously. 5-6 question were given . Any language can be used to solve.

Round 4 (Technical 4 – 1 hr) : This happened after 1 day. Here Interviewer were very helpful and they were giving me hints continuously.
2 design questions were given . Any language can be used to solve.(Interviewer was cross questioning on every aspect)

  • Design a Lottery Machine with following functionalities :
    • Generating non repeating random number from 1 to N. (where N is no of people to whom lottery tickets are allotted bearing lottery ticket no staring from 1 till N.
    • When a random number is generated eliminate the person having lottery ticket number equal to random no.
    • Now again generated new random number and ensure to count from place of last eliminated person not from starting. Treat it like as circular queue.
    • Do it till only one person is left and that person is winner. Print continuous log on console of all operations performed by machine and winner at the end.
    • Code should be modular and readable.
  • Design a Lift Management System with own understanding . This was quite open ended, he didn’t set expectations
    • Define some actors, some display or console , some operations, some switches. It is all up to your discretion 

Some normal questions like why do want to join Qualcomm, what technologies you are interested in and bla bla bla! I can’t recall all questions. But GFG archives is the key to crack it. Questions follow a definite pattern and mostly repeated.

Thanks! And all the best . Believe in yourself and you will be limitless.

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