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Tekion Corp. Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer | Off-Campus

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2021
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Status: B.Tech in IT From Tier-3 University. (2021 Graduate)

Previous Position: ASD at Rakuten India


  • Summer Internship at Service-Based Startup
  • 6 month Intership at Rakuten India

Location: Bangalore

Date: April 2021

Apply: Via Referral

Online Coding Round: Hackerrank

  • 15 MCQ
  • 2 Coding Question : Easy to medium

Technical Round 1(DSA And Problem Solving):



  • Measure 4L with 5L and 3L container with Tap water

Technical Round 2(LLD): 

  • Design a Card Game.

Technical Question

  • Enumration
  • Comarable vs Comparator in Java

Result: Selected

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