Python set to check if string is panagram

Given a string, check if the given string is pangram or not.


Input : The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
Output : The string is a pangram

Input : geeks for geeks
Output : The string is not pangram

A normal way would have been to use frequency table and check if all elements were present or not. But using import ascii_lowercase as asc_lower we import all the lower characters in set and all characters of string in another set. In the function, two sets are formed- one for all lower case letters and one for the letters in the string. The two sets are subtracted and if it is an empty set, the string is a pangram.

Below is Python implementation of the above approach:





# import from string all ascii_lowercase and asc_lower
from string import ascii_lowercase as asc_lower
# function to check if all elements are present or not
def check(s):
    return set(asc_lower) - set(s.lower()) == set([])
# driver code
strng ="The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
if(check(strng)== True):
    print("The string is a pangram")
    print("The string isn't a pangram")



The string is a pangram

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