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PwC Interview Experience for Cyber Security | On-Campus 2019

Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2019
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Interview information:

Company name – Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC), professional services firm.
Job Role – Cyber security (Consultant)
Interview Location – On Campus (VIT Vellore)

Round 1:

Mode – Online test, MCQs.
Topics – Aptitude: Numerical, logical and verbal
Difficulty – Medium

Round 2:

Mode – Technical interview, 1:1.
Topics – Cyber security, Detailed resume probe, Java
Difficulty – Medium/Easy

Detailed resume probe – Internship experience (what I learned and did), *projects* (details and how I made them secure was asked) and about skills mentioned.
Interviewer was supportive enough, asked preferred domain. Fortunately for me I was more into Cyber security than anything else and the job role wanted it. 25-30 minute interview, scenario based and other questions on cyber sec. Got asked questions from Java too as I had it in my resume.

Question Examples
>What if both steps in two-factor authentication system has been hacked and a level 3 factor (like biometric) isn’t there. How will you protect the user?
>Abstract classes in java – what are they? why used?
>Penetration testing steps and what tools I had used.

Round 3:

Mode – HR interview, 1:1.
Topics – Background check: personal and educational.
Difficulty – Easy

Got asked about family, why I did not get IIT in spite of having good marks in Boards, why my CGPA is lower than Board marks. He was just checking whether I get really uncomfortable. If you have cleared the technical round, this won’t be much of a hurdle.


Got selected for the job role. A HR interaction took place after selection, where they ensured whether I am comfortable with relocation and travelling often.

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