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PwC India Interview Experience for Technology Consulting Intern (On-Campus) 2023

Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2023
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The internship process encompassed three rounds: Online Assessment, Technical Interview, and HR Interview.

The Online Assessment involved sections in Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal and Logical Reasoning, and Data Interpretation. The task was to answer 45 questions within an hour. It was conducted on the HirePro platform. I successfully attempted 44 questions and chose to skip one where I wasn’t entirely sure of the answer. Notably, there was no negative marking. Status Qualified for Interview.

Before the interviews commenced, we had a Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) session about the company’s values and operations.

The Technical Interview primarily delved into my engineering domain. It’s worth noting that for core department students, emphasizing domain expertise rather than programming skills can be beneficial. I was asked about my project and then presented with technical questions. Coming from the Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering field, the questions covered topics like Digital Electronics (Logic Gates, Combinational Circuits) and Process Control (Real-life examples, Final Control Element, PID controller). StatusQualified for HR Round

During the HR Round, I encountered human behavioral questions:

– Tell me about yourself

– Why Consultancy?

– Why PwC?

– Your weakness

– Describe a situation where you demonstrated leadership skills

– Plans for further studies

– Given your experience, why not join an Instrumentation company?

I concluded the interview by asking a few questions myself and left with a respectful farewell. Ultimately, I was selected for the internship. StatusSelected as an Intern

Some key advice includes maintaining a composed demeanor, thoughtful responses, and a pleasant smile during interactions. It’s also important to greet upon entering and exiting the room. Remember that the interview’s purpose is to assess your suitability for the role and company rather than focusing solely on rejection.

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