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Puzzle | Haunted House Escape

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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Two friends Ram and Shyam were travelling through a forest. They were hungry and it was late at night. They were looking for shelter and after a long journey they found a haunted house. They decided to stay there and leave in the morning. There was no light and electricity and also it was raining heavily at night. They took some photographs of the house they stayed in and slept.
The very next morning both the friends woke up and were keen looking on the photographs. They found a ghost like figure in one picture. They decided to leave in a hurry but to their surprise they found themselves locked up in the house. There were three exit paths before them and three ghosts before them. Each ghost will ask question and upon providing proper solution to any 1 question one is allowed to escape from the house.

Ghost 1:
There are three fans inside this room. Outside the room there are three switches. You can use all switch once but must find which switch belongs to which fan. You are allowed to move in to the room by leaving ON only one switch. You can enter into room only once.

Ghost 2:
What was the shape of the moon yesterday? If you don’t answer this question you have to spend 5 minutes on the electrical chair and leave.

Ghost 3:
Name the smallest prime number other than two that has 2 as one of its factors? If you don’t answer this question you must walk through camp fire that was lit by them yesterday night and leave.

Both the friends survived at last. How?

Ram and Shyam did not gave any answer.

There is no electricity so we cannot find answer to ghost 1. There was heavy rain so we cannot find moon at night. There is no other prime number other than 2 with one of its factor as 2. Since we are provided to crack any one question of ghosts to leave we can either decide to walk in camp fire [which would have been put off due to rain] or sit in electric chair for 5 minutes [no electricity].

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