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Puzzle | Brothers and Sisters

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2017

There is a family, which has seven children. In this family, each boy has as many sisters as brothers and each of the girl has twice as many brothers as sisters. Now the question is, in this family how many brothers and sisters are there ?


Solution :
The key to solve this puzzle lies in the puzzle statement only.
Statement : Each boy has as many sisters as brothers. The statement infers that there is 1 boy more than the number of girls.
Statement : Each of the girls has twice as many brothers as sisters. The statement infers that the number of boys are double the number of girls excluding the girl in question.

Applying the information we obtained from the two statements and the number of children mentioned, we can see that there is only one pair which follows all constraints i.e 4 Boys and 3 Girls.

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