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Project Idea | LinkBook

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LinkBook aims to provide users a platform to store, manage, share and discover web URLs.


Facebook is one way to share links with one’s friends, however, it does not provide an option to manage those links for future reference. LinkBook provides the users with the option to store their links in multiple books, operating in both repository mode and feed mode – so that the users get the best of everything! tl;dr – Facebook’s sharing + Github’s Control = LinkBook!


LinkBook provides users with options to store their links in containers called Books. Both links and books can be given tags for future reference. Users can follow each other, and upvote/downvote others’ links as well – a social network for links!

Code Structure


Easy Login Options Users can login with their Google+, Facebook, Github, Twitter or local account. Trending Page The trending tags on LinkBook can be seen on the trending page. Grouping similar links into “Books” Users can create books to store similar links together, and can apply tags to them for easy searching anytime in the future. Feed from whom you follow Users can view feed from whom they follow at their homepage. A sample homepage feed- Recommendations on whom to follow If confused about whom to follow, then LinkBook has a dedicated recommendations page on whom to follow! A user’s recommendation page – Profile Page for each user Every LinkBook user has a separate profile page where they can see their profile. A sample profile page, displaying popular links and books as well.

Tools used

  • The backend for the framework has been written in Django framework for Python3.
  • Browser interaction is managed by JavaScript code.
  • The current elementary frontend has been aided by MaterializeCSS.
(As the project is still under active progress, some tools might be changed/added in the future.) Team members
  • Nikhil Kumar
  • Himanshu Gupta
  • Sanchit Agarwal

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Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2023
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