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Project Idea | College Network

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Project Title College Network

NOTE : All the feature provided below are not completed. Project is still under final phase of development.

College Network provides the students of college to form a social networking platform among themselves, enabling them to connect with their seniors and juniors for sharing of information and resources.
It provides user features to follow the students, send message to others, post what they like and ask for some queries on which like and comment feature is available .
All the students registered may be seen college-wise and asked for help. Separate news board may be developed for each individual college.

Features Provided
Follow users, friends, seniors and juniors.
Chat -bot for chatting.
Active news display board for all colleges
Tutorials for work to be performed
Video Tutorials for work to be performed
Posts for users to seek & share information.
Contribute page for contributions from users.
Sell/Buy page for posting ads for study material and other college related stuff.

Tools Used
Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database and interpreters for scripts.

Colleges for social networking and resource&information sharing.
Schools for social networking and resource & information sharing.
May be modified for using in industries as newsboards and tutorials of work to be done in particular organisation.

Two databases are used.One for managing posts and other for managing social networking.
social database Tables: users, posts, followers, password_tokens, add_info, login_tokens, messages, notifications, post_likes, comments etc.
socialcms database Tables:admin, posts

Whenever a user fills the form for sign up data is stored in the users table and username along with email is sent to phpmailer to sent an email to the user.
When user logins, login_token stores the token and sets a cookie for the logged in user.
The logout page destroys the cookie and deletes the login_token.
When a user forgets his/her password, he/she may retrieve it from the registered email for which a password_token is generated which helps in matching the link sent to mail with the token stored in database.
User may post whatever content he/she may like.
Timeline displays posts of other users whom logged in user has followed.
Profile page displays the posts of logged in users, have permissions to edit them & generate new posts.
Likes table stores the post_id along with the unique user_id (stored in users table) who liked it .
Followers table stores the follower’s id like a key value pair.
A user is verified if admin follows the user.
Comments store the comments for each post.
Add_info stores the additional information about the user.
Messages store the messages which are personal within the network.

admin table stores the username and password for the admin.
post stores all the posts which are posted under the articles section and the tags to sort them in different categories.

The Search bar in cms portion of the project searches on the basis of the tags.
The Search bar under networking searches for the usernames and displays all the users matching the substring.


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Last Updated : 30 Oct, 2019
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