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Philips Interview Experience.

Last Updated : 26 Mar, 2024
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Although the interview depends largely on the interviewer, here is a summary of my experience and my colleagues.

As I said, the interview depends on the interviewer (which team he belongs to, what technology he works on, etc.), so the interview went in completely different directions for each of us. So the tech lead who conducted my interview was in charge of the development part, and I was also interested in the web, so most of my interview was web-based. But for a friend of mine, the interviewer was involved in core Java programming so she had a DSA-based interview. And another friend had an interview about management and all that. Now, when I say my interview was a web-based interview, that doesn’t mean there weren’t other topics included. In fact, I was asked about almost every important topic, be it computer networks (involving protocols and network layers), operating systems (Scheduling Algos /context switching), 2 DSA (Linked list & array) questions, and even questions on cloud computing. The thing is every interviewer tries to test your basic knowledge about almost everything, and my case was no different. The level of questions asked was not that high I must admit, that anyone with a good grasp on core concepts of CS would be able to give their input on the questions. I answered almost all the questions to the best of my knowledge, but I was missing a few points and my interviewer very politely explained where I might have gone wrong.

Actually, this was my first interview, and I didn’t even feel like it because all the nervousness and rush I felt at the beginning was now overshadowed by the sophistication of the interview, like a normal intellectual conversation between a mentor and a student. Not just me, most people had the same experience when with their interviewers. Everyone was very patient and supportive throughout this time and there was no criticism or bad words like we hear in most interviews.

Overall, the interview experience at Philips was definitely one I can never forget as it not only boosted my confidence or helped me see my potential but also showed how healthy corporate life goes on!

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