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Persistent Systems Interview Experience (On-Campus 2021)

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On-Campus hiring process divided into 4 Sections: 

  1. Online Test
  2. Technical Interview Round 1
  3. Technical Interview Round 2
  4. HR Interview

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Online Test: The test is divided into three sections

  1. MCQ questions based on DBMS(Tables, Normalization, What are tuples, etc)
  2. Operating Systems (Page Table, Scheduling, Algorithm, Belady’s Anomaly, etc)
  3. Computer Networking (Numerical based on Hamming code, TCP, UDP, etc.)
  4. MCQ questions based on logical reasoning and English.
  5. 2 coding questions.

Technical Interview Round 1: Students shortlisted from the test are eligible for technical interview round 1. Questions asked were similar to following questions:

  1. Introduce yourself in short
  2. Hobbies  
  3. Project details and related questions and your role in the project
  4. I used python for the project. So details asked about python libraries used.  
  5. Fav programming language(I answered C++)  
  6. Abstract class.
  7. Foreign key and primary key.
  8. Indexing.
  9. Normalization.
  10. Linux commands: grep.
  11. What is the IP address?
  12. Write any IP ADDRESS in the chat box. 
  13. Switch vs router.
  14. Subnet and practical scenarios where you would implement subnetting.
  15. Final keyword In java.

Technical Interview Round 2: Students shortlisted from the interview round 1 are eligible for technical interview round 2. Questions asked were similar to the following questions:

  1. DBMS related questions (Primary key. Foreign key, Indexing)
  2. Have you worked on Machine Learning?
  3. C++ OOP concepts
  4. Difference between arrays and linked list.
  5. Searching techniques like binary search.  
  6. Elaborate on different Data structures.
  7. Basics of cloud computing and AWS
  8. Have you worked with big data?  
  9. Knowledge about the recent and trending technologies.

HR Interview: Students shortlisted from technical interview round 2 are eligible for an HR interview. Questions asked were similar to the following questions:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why do you want to join our company?
  3. What are your hobbies?

Tip: Prepare Arrays, Linked List, all the OOP concepts(with one practical example), and DBMS concepts(Primary key, indexing, and foreign key) especially well!!

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Last Updated : 25 Dec, 2020
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