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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 46 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 25 Apr, 2019
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One written test which is very tough and lasted for 2 hours …. unexpectedly I was shortlisted for the next round which is a coding round.

They have given 2 programs for the coding round for which at least 3 test cases must be satisfied to be qualified for interview .. I run through all test cases successfully and got selected for interview phases which is of 3 Rounds.

Round 1 :-
This lasted for 40min,

She asked me a casual question tell me about yourself followed, she asked me my projects followed by a SQL query which is based on inner joins and ordered by concepts and she asked me what’s the differences of C and Java and asked me to tell the advantage of C++ over Java, followed by differences b/w hash map and hash table ….then to test whether I have any programming skills or not she asked me to write and explain a program for palindrome. I wrote and explained the after she asked me to write a program on finding a duplicate number in an array by O(n) for this I have given 3 solutions she also gave another solution ..and she asked me concepts of oops followed by orange and apple logical question which I couldn’t able to solve it but she liked my approached and explained to me that answer …

Round 2 :-
This last for 20min… Though it is a technical round he asked me HR questions also
He asked me “Why engineering ?” , “Why IT”, “Why Oracle “?
He asked, ” What are the personal changes that occur in your life if u get this job merge or expanding ur skills? ”
I have given my own explanation for all these questions…
Then he asked me to print something without using printf in C then I used OS system call write(1, “abcd”,4) then he asked another question
Arr = {10, 20, 3000, 9999, 200};
Print a number which had a maximum number of zeros …
I have given O(n2) and thought of reducing it further, saw my implementation and asked me to leave the panel and prepare for the next round …

Round 3 :-
He asked me some HR questions and about my family and asked me to rate my self on java… Though I am good in Java I said 6.5 he asked me “If you are good in Java then why 6.5 ?” .. then I gave him my opinion on Java, he was satisfied with that layer and he started asking logical questions
1- There is one car, a thief stole one tyre of that along with the nuts, you have only one Stepney and no nuts how would you fix it to the car?

2- There is a cake (of any shape) which is damaged on one side (or one corner) ..How would you cut it such that to get equal parts (equal quantity)…

3- A candle takes 60min to melt …and you are given 2 candles of equal length, a matchbox and no clock or scale is provided …U r asked to show 45 min melting those candles
From the above questions, I have answered only one question and I think he saw my approach to those problems and gave me good feedback…

The main thing that I have learned is to keep a little smile on your face and be confident about what you are saying, even if you have a little knowledge express it correctly.

Thank u ……….

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