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Optum(UHG) Interview Experience for Internship
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2020

So Optum(UHG) visited our campus for a summer intern role in early November. There were in total of 3 rounds.

ROUND 1: This round basically focused on our basics. A 75 marks test comprising a simple coding question(50 marks) and MCQs based on DBMS, OS, OOPS, Aptitude, and linear algebra(total 25 marks). A total of 50 students were shortlisted.

For the coding question-We had to just sort the array and find the sum of consecutive differences.

ROUND 2: It was a coding interview. He asked me questions on my Project, OOPS, and DBMS. I successfully answered all the questions confidently and correctly :). He then gave me a coding question with a lot of variations in it, though my logic was correct, I made a silly mistake while taking the input :/.

A total of 30 students shortlisted including me.

ROUND 3: This was the most dramatic round for me, had to give an interview on my mobile phone :/. It was a managerial round, the interviewer was very friendly and asked questions on how did you manage your project and all the non-technical details of my project. I put up all my curious questions regarding the corporate world, which I guess impressed the interviewer. 

HR round was canceled because of a shortage of time.

Finally, a total of 18 students were selected including me :).      

My advice just is honest with your interviewer, the moment you lie you are eliminated.

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