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Optum Interview Experience(2019)

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Round 1:In first round, we had 30 aptitude questions to solve in 30 minutes . 20 were critical thinking and logical reasoning questions.10 questions were of quantitative aptitude.Level of the questions was not that hard but it was a bit time consuming to read the full question.So i will suggest you to be smart enough  to look only for the specific things out of the comprehension.For coding round we had 2 questions to solve in 30 minutes.It was easy , even test cases were not that hard to pass.

1.To add all the digits of a number till you get a single digit.

2.To count number of times x(digit) comes in range [l, r].(l& r including).ex-[3, 13], x is 3  output-2.

Tips-Solve quantitative first(Because its easy and it holds same weightage .

Round 2(Technical ):It was all about my projects .The interviewer was more interested in ml and database projects.He asked me two coding questions which were damn easy and asked me some dbms queries related  to my database project and also some concepts of object oriented language.

[45 minutes]

Tips-Be confident about the concepts you are telling to interviewer and choose the projects and skills wisely for resume purpose.

Round 3(technical + managerial):This round was more about my soft skills and how i manage things and how i take decisions in different scenerio. He asked me  to do sentiment analysis over flood tweets.So basically i had to sum up my answer with the sentiment i will look for and how i ll go about it and how it will be actually helpful to solve problems related to flood.

[30 minutes]

Tips-Be honest and dont try to give googled answers .

Round 4(HR ):

This round was just to check if i am really interested in the company or not .So she asked me about the company and checked if i am fit for the software engineer role in the company.She asked me about my college life  and about the events i had taken  part in  during my past semesters .And also the most obvious question-plans for higher education !!

Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019
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