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Nokia Interview Experience for Grade-6 Engineer GET

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 Hi guys, I had recently gone through the Nokia recruitment process and here is my feedback on it. 

 Job description:- Nokia had deployed 5g network in various parts of the globe and they are developing a simulator to enrich the customer experience. So the recruited person’s job is to  help in the development of simulator which is based on C++ programming skills.

To develop the simulator he has to have C and C++ programming skills and also should have the knowledge of networking about layer 2 and layer 3 protocols i.e about MAC,IP addressing and other protocols.

Recruitment Process:- The recruitment process contains 4 rounds.

  • Online assessment
  • Technical interview 1
  • Managerial/Technical interview 2
  • HR round

1st round online assessment: The duration of this round is 90 mins. In this round I encountered aptitude questions,logical reasoning questions, two coding questions(1. Array question,2.Printing a pattern) and 30 technical ece core questions based on digital circuits, microprocessors, semiconductors, Analog circuits and networking. Easy round to crack.

2nd round Technical interview 1:-  When I entered the interview through microsoft teams he made me comfortable by asking to introduce myself and they tested my networking knowledge like briefly explain about osi layers importance of data link layer differences between TCP and UDP protocols ,about DNS server, Importance of MAC address and depth in my programming knowledge in c and c++. He asked me about memory layout in c, dynamic memory allocation, pointers arrays and some other theoretical questions in c .He asked me to write some sample programmes in online in  geeks for geeks ide. This round is easy to crack.The interview took around 1 hour 10 mins.He asked me whether I have any questions and I asked about the job description.He explained about it and mentioned that they will come back to me soon.

3rd round Technical interview 2:-

In this round they tested my programming skills ,networking knowledge the extent to which I understood my projects,they tested my core knowledge in various subjects like Digital electronics,Signal processing,Microprocessors,Data communication and networks , Assembly coding C programming and C++ programming.This interview took around 1 hour 30 mins. He asked me whether I have any questions and I asked him about the programming part in this job role and he explained it thoroughly. He mentioned that to be ready for the next phase of interview.This round was bit difficult as we need to recollect our topics from different areas which we studied.

4th round HR interview: First he explained briefly about himself and then he asked about myself then he asked several

Situation based questions to test how I will react to the situations and then he gave me some tips about how to manage work life balance and how to tackle the situations while working in teams. The Hr round took around 40 mins. Then he said all the best and asked me to wait for a day so that they can complete their interviews to finalise the candidates.

On the same day at 9:30 pm I got a mail from on boarding nokia saying congrats and welcome to Nokia family. Over all it was a great experience.

Last Updated : 17 Jun, 2021
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