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Navi Interview Experience for SDE-1 (On-Campus)

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Navi came to our college for the profile of SDE-1. There were 3 rounds in total.

Round 1(Coding and Aptitude Test): There were 45 questions on Maths and reasoning. There were 3 coding questions on DSA.

  • Total time of this round was around 1.5-2 hrs. Coding questions were of medium level. There was 1 question based on graph, 
  • 1 question on recursion/DP and 1 question on String  ( 
  • I solved all the three coding questions.

Round 2(Technical Interview): More than 20 students were shortlisted for this round. 

  • The interviewer was quite clear and friendly. After a general introduction of each other, he asked me three questions on DSA. 
  • First was reverse individual words in a sentence and print the sentence keeping the order same( 
  • Second was buy and sell stock(  
  • Third questions was based on Graph.(
  • After these he asked me some questions indexing,hashing,java vs kotlin(As I had android in my resume), Databases I have worked upon, etc.

I was shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3(Managerial Round): 20 minutes after the second round, I got a mail for the managerial round. 

  • Again the interviewer was quite friendly. After a general introduction, he asked me to desgin a Univeristy Student Record Register that holds data of all students. We had a long discussion on this. 
  • After this he asked me about my projects and what all technologies I have worked on Apart from Android. After Some questions on Android and APIs he wrapped up the interview.

Verdict: Selected


  1. Practice DSA from leetcode or GfG.
  2. Go through your mentioned projects thorougly.
  3. Be ready for a low level system desgin question( Not in detail, but you should be able to give some overview).
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Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2021
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