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Navi Technologies Interview Experience for SDE | On-Campus

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2021

Round 1: Online Test 48 questions,

Time : 2 hours

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Platform : DoSelect 

  • Aptitude (20 questions ): profit Loss, mixtures, ratios and identities, series completion, mirror images, etc
  • Maths (25 questions): Quadratic Equation, Probability (Bayes Theorem), Surds, number Theory, Kinematics, Differentiability and continuity, combinatorics

I forgot to scroll and time was very limited so I thought there were only 17 questions in both the sections but I did all of them (34) so I was selected anyway.

Section A, B had a total of 45 questions, and 40 minutes were given to complete.

Coding Level A: 

Time: 50 minutes 2 question

  • 2 Questions. Both of them were easy. Implementation was a bit tricky for one of them.

Coding Level B: 

Time: 30 Minutes 

  • You are given n coordinates in a 1D plane and the max distance you are allowed to travel d. Calculate the max number of coordinates you can reach starting from 0 coordinate in O(nlogn).
Eg: -20,-5,5,10,15,28 | d=25
Answer: 3 (-5,5,10,15)

Coding Questions were simple. Time was very limited for aptitude/maths questions.

Round 1: Technical round, Problem Solving 

Time: 45 Minutes

Platform: Google meet.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Then I was given a google doc, where I had to write my approach and code. You can use any IDE but don’t use any built in functions.
  •  Given column number in excel sheet, give the column name in the alphabet.
Eg:  1 → A | 26 → Z | 27 → AA | 53 → BA etc.
  • Calculate a minimum number of operations to convert string s1 to s2. Replace, insert, delete operation on any character.
Eg: Convert ABCD to AFBGD
Answer: 2 (delete F, replace G)

Round 2 and 3: Technical + Behavioural Round 

Time: Almost 2 Hours

Platform: Google meet.

In this round, the Interviewer was an experienced person. Started with his introduction then mine. We had a great conversation, then

  • He gave me a question on System design for a Twitter-like app in a document with a lot of specific requirements.
  • I gave the basic design for the application which fulfilled almost all requirements given in the doc then we had a lot of cross-questioning. Some improvements are based on system requirements. Things about database indexing and so on for over an hour. (he was impressed I guess).
  • He asked me about my internship on Android development so we went on talking about that and he asked me some questions. Eg- Why NoSQL over SQL, Why native android over cross-platform, What did you learn in the internship, What things were you responsible for, Some basic things on Android development, etc.
  • Why Navi? What do you expect from Navi? etc.

Verdict: Selected

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