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Nagarro Interview Experience For ASE

Last Updated : 19 Dec, 2023
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I interviewed for the role of Associate Software Engineer at Nagarro and wanted to share my experience to help others prepare for similar interviews.


The interview process comprised an online assessment (OA), a technical interview, and an HR round.

Online Assessment (OA):

Number of Questions: 2

Coding Questions:

Technical Interview:

Introduction: The interview started with a brief introduction and the classic “Tell me about yourself.”

Technical Questions:

Scenario-Based Questions:

  • In a social media application where users can make friends, which data structure would you use?
  • In a file structure, which data structure would be suitable?

HR Round:


  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Questions about technical knowledge and favourite programming languages (C and C++ in my case).
  • Why are C and C++ your favourite languages?
  • Closing with an opportunity for questions.


Got an offer letter after 1 week, I found the interview process at Nagarro to be insightful and challenging. The technical interview covered topics ranging from basic data structures to scenario-based problem-solving. The HR round was friendly, and they were interested in understanding my preferences and motivations.

Tips for Future Candidates:

For future candidates, I recommend brushing up on fundamental data structures, and algorithms, and being prepared to explain your thought process clearly. Additionally, understand the practical applications of data structures in various scenarios.

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