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Nagarro Interview Experience for 1.5 year Software Developer
  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019

Round 1: Three Coding Questions mostly on strings

a. Rename input variable name from c++ to java and vice-versa

ex:- If name is First_variable then convert it to FirstVariable.

b. Count the letter in the string and provide in proper format

ex:- Input- babacbd then Output is – a2b3c1d1

c. Return the letter which is repeated more then half times else return -1

Round 2: Technical MCQ containig 60Q in 60min no negative marking.

Round 3: Technical Round F2F 

There He asked me about C# in depth.(As my profile was on C#)

Started with Abstract class and Interface, Async Task,

Round 4: Technical Round F2F

Same in this round but interviewer was different

IEnumerable, Iqueryable etc in C#, OOPS concepts, How we use Git, C# data structures, Access Modifiers, Delegates, Design Patterns and SOLID principles etc.

Here i missed some of the things Unluckily ?

After this they said that you are done for the day

Further Rounds were

Round 5 :- IQ mcq test. 

Final Round:- HR

Thank You so much GeeksForGeeks for making us ready for the world ?.

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