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Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 72 (For Software Engineer)

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Online Round on Hackerrank – 1 Hr:

1. Maximum product sub-array.

2. Building bridges across cities. Find the maximum number of bridges that can be built.

Round 1:

1. Find the median of two sorted arrays.

2. Store a mirrored matrix ( Mat[i][j] == Mat[j][i] ) efficiently.

Round 2:

1. Stream of urls coming, find out top trending topics
General discussion around designing such a system in a distributed setup.

2. Discussion on designing a spam email detection system.

Round 3:

1. Rotate a given array.

2. Count frequencies of elements in an array.

Round 4:

1. Connect nodes at the same level in a binary tree.

2. Design a LRU cache

3. Find a given word in a board of characters

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Last Updated : 14 Oct, 2015
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