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Given two strings str1 and str2, the task is to find the length of the shortest string that has both str1 and str2 as subsequences.… Read More
I had interview with for SDE1 position. 1st Round – (Written Round)- 25 Multiple choice questions(Networking, OS, DBMS, C concepts) 2 coding questions were… Read More
Last month i was interviewed by Ola for SDE 1 post. Here is my experience. Round 1 a. Inorder predecessor and successor for a given… Read More
I received a call from a consultancy, informing me that there are vacancies in D E Shaw for freshers. So they take my resume from… Read More
Given a number n, find count of all numbers from 1 to n that have 4 as a digit. Examples : Input: n = 5… Read More
How to design a system that takes big URLs like “” and converts them into a short 6 character URL. It is given that URLs… Read More
Given an integer n and two-bit positions p1 and p2 inside it, swap bits at the given positions. The given positions are from the least… Read More
Consider a RAM organized in blocks. There are multiple processes running on the system. Every application gets below information. (Thread T, Memory Block M, time… Read More
There were 4 rounds Short Story – First Round – Online Round (3 coding questions 90 min) Second Round – Skype Interivew (Data Structure and… Read More
Recently I got interviewed at infoedge for PHP-MYSQL (LAMP) developer profile their naukri .com site. Round 1 It was a written round: 7 ques, 20… Read More
There were two questions. Q 1. Given N and N elements Find the number of distinct sums. For example: 3 1, 2, 3 Possible sums… Read More
Given an unsorted array of n integers which can contain integers from 1 to n. Some elements can be repeated multiple times and some other… Read More
Round 1 (45 mins): Tell me about yourself. 1. Given an array of strings with R, G & B as characters. Sort the array such… Read More
Given an infinite stream of integers, find the k’th largest element at any point of time.Example:  Input: stream[] = {10, 20, 11, 70, 50, 40,… Read More
Given two integers ‘a’ and ‘m’, find modular multiplicative inverse of ‘a’ under modulo ‘m’.The modular multiplicative inverse is an integer ‘x’ such that.  a… Read More
Recently, I was interviewed for Synopsys (R&D Engineer I). There were two telephonic rounds followed by 5 F2F rounds. 1st round(Phone Screen): 1 .Reverse a… Read More
Snapdeal interview experience for Software Engineer position: Round 1: Simulation round Ques: Develop REST API for adding, fetching, updating and deleting a bookmark. Developed API… Read More
I got a chance to participate in walk-in drive at Paytm Headquarters. Went through the following process. Written test: It contained 20 objective questions having… Read More
Recently, I was interviewed for Amazon SDE-1 Position. There were two telephonic rounds followed by 4 F2F rounds. Telephonic Round 1 : ————————— He seemed… Read More
Euler’s Totient function Φ (n) for an input n is the count of numbers in {1, 2, 3, …, n} that are relatively prime to… Read More