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MediaNet(DirectI) Interview Experience for SDE-2 (2-3 Years Experienced)

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Arranged by a recruiter. They conduct a total of 3 rounds for SDE2

Round 1: 3 questions on DS-Algo of Medium difficulty

  1. Given a binary tree, count the total number of uni-valued subtrees. A uni-valued subtree is one that has left and right subtree with the same value.

    Example: Ans 5 (all leaf nodes 3 + subtrees 2)

       /  \
      2    2
     /      \
    2        2

    Ans: The post-order traversal to check at parent level if children are subtree or not. Leaf nodes are already subtree in itself.

  2. Given an array of unsorted numbers. U r given a window of size k. Partition the array such that the sum of the max sum of the left subarray and max sum of the right sub-array is maximum. Just find the sum, also, the sub-arrays should be non-overlapping.


    1 3 5 7 4 1 9 6 8  
    N = 9 , k = 3
    {5 7 4} + {9 6 8} = 39
  3. Given an unsorted array, find the length of the longest subarray of consecutive numbers


    7 1 5 8 9 3 4 2

    Ans. Two subarrays are formed

    1 2 3 4 5
    7 8 9

    Hence, the consecutive array is of length 5.

Tip: sorting is naive O(nlogn). Improvise it to O(n) time. Use hashmap

Round 2: Write a wrapper function that can process fast retrieval of a unique number. The function doesn’t have any parameters. Given function fetches unique numbers from the DB and it is already implemented. Int fetch(int n) –> get n unique values.

Ans: It’s a Producer-Consumer pattern-based problem and you have to use multi-threading here

  • Maintain 2 lists. Call async when a list gets empty and return from the other.
  • Blocking queue

Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2020
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