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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE 2 (3 years Experienced)

Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2019
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Amazon Interview Experience 1:

Screening Round:

  1. Find all pairs that add up to 0
  2. Find all pairs with sum closest(abs value) to 0 but non 0
  3. Find all pairs with sum farthest(abs) to 0

Design Round:

  1. A startup website has a lot of real-time traffic . I want to see the real-time view (refreshed every 1 min)  of top 20 users by hit count within last 10 mins. Full distributed system, I have to resolve all the concurrency issues.

Coding Round:

  1. There are 4 patterns of arrays: monotonic increasing, monotonic decreasing, increasing then decreasing, decreasing then increasing. Given an array, identify accordingly
  2. Given array of number, find the max from each subarray of size k. Sliding window

Result: Rejected

Amazon Interview Experience 2:

Design Round:

  1. Design  a blogging website that scales from 100tps to 1000tps . What design choices will you make between No-Sql vs Sql and full explanation why ?
  2. How do you send Notification to users based on their followed topics every day  in the above system? How do you add comments to the blogs ?
  3. How do you add a node in a live system where consistent hashing is used for load balancing ?
  4. Time Complexity to find a row in Sql Vs No-Sql database. Need to go in depth and explain why .(What if there are duplicates ?)
  5. What exactly is the problem with Relational Database systems when you want to scale ? 
  6. What is ElasticSearch ? What is Dynamodb?


Amazon Leadership Principles

  1. Hardest technical challenge solved: In depth details on what was the challenge, why was it required to be solved, what approaches were there, which one did you choose over others and why. Who else was involved, and how were their contributions ? How long did it take to develop
  2. Situation  where you faced ambiguity and how you resolved it 
  3. Any example of system that you designed in your current work that showcases your design skills ?

Result: Rejected

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