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Mechmocha Interview Experience(On Campus)-Product Engineer
  • Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2019

Round 1: The round one of mechmocha had two parts both of them being pen paper rounds. The first part consisted of aptitude and logical reasoning questions in which 15 questions were to be solved in around half an hour. The data interpretation part had a lot of calculation to be done and lr was quite easy. The second part was a pen paper round which had 20 questions in which a code snippet was given and we had to predict the output for each question which was to be attempted in half an hour. Most of the questions were based on recursion, strings, arrays and were not hard to solve. Some of the questions consumed a lot of time and were hard so selecting the easy questions and attempting them first was useful.

Round 2:The second round was a technical interview in which I was interviewed by the CTO of the company himself. He firstly went through my CV and as I had done projects on BigData he talked a bit about the projects. Then he moved to the coding questions. He asked me two coding questions-:

  1. Given two arrays A and B, A being an array of positive and negative integers and B being a bit array of same sizes. We can flip adjacent bits of the array B to maximize the dot product of the two arrays A.B . The number of flips we can perform is infinite. Note-: We can only flip the bits not interchange them. I wasn’t able to answer this question.
  2. Given a string consisting of ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’. Code to find the number of substrings in which exactly two characters are present. I gave the solution in O(n^2) and he asked to write the sudo code which I wrote and he seemed satisfied with the approach. Note- The problem for exactly two different characters can be solved using a while loop in the condition that(i<n && j<n) and till number of distinct characters == 1 j++ and if the nember of distinct characters becomes 3 then i++ and increment count when count == 2.

At the end of the interview he asked me whether I had any questions. I asked what it is like to work in a startup and asked for the approach to the first question. He told me the problem can be solved using only the brute force approach even that had to be checked for every boundary condition.

After the question he told me that he will see whether they had any vacancies in their data science team and call me in the next round if there were any.

Verdict- Rejected.

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