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Launch the EC2 Instance in AWS with New Instance Wizard

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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Pre-requisite:- EC2

EC2 stands for Elastic Compute Cloud and it is an AWS web service for on-demand computing service. It is based on the pay-as-you-go model. We can create instances anytime from anywhere via the internet. We can easily create the instance or terminate the instance within minutes with our required operating system. we can configure the RAM, Storage, and networking configuration as per our use. The bill will generate end of the month. One of the most interesting things is we can create our virtual ec2 instance from any region like Mumbai(India),  California(USA), etc.

While creating an instance be careful and follow the steps mentioned. Whatever we do in AWS may lead to payment. Double check the things while proceeding to the last step.

Check if you are eligible for free tier.

Please, double check if your account is eligible for free tier or not. If eligible for free tier, proceed to the below steps.

Follow below steps to check if your account is eligible or not.

After signing- in to your AWS account, follow the link >> Link . You will see summary of “Free Tier”.

Free Tier: For “AMAZON EC2” – 750 hours/month. (t2.micro)

Steps to Launch the EC2 Instance (free tier) using New Portal

Step 1:- Click on the All Services

Step 2:- Click on the EC2

EC2 portal


Step 3:- Click on the Launch Instance

launch instance


Step 4:- Type the Instance Name

instance name


Step 5:- Select the Amazon Machine Image

choose ami


Step 6:- Select the Instance type and the Existing Key pair or Create New Key pair

instance type and security keys


Step 7:- Click on the Create Security Group and Configure the port as per your requirement

security group


Step 8:- Configure the Storage – By default 8GB Root Volume is attached and if required extra storage Click on the Add New Volume.

configure storage


Step 9:- Type the Number for Instance how many instances you want to create at the same time.

number of instance


Step 10:- Click on the Launch Instance Button

launch instance


Now you can see whether the Instance is Created or Running

instance created


Note: If you are using OLD Portal, then please refer Amazon EC2 – Creating an Elastic Cloud Compute Instance article.

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