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Difference between Amazon Redshift and PostgreSQL

Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2023
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1. Amazon Redshift : It is a data warehouse which is based on cloud. Amazon Redshift has a commercial license and is a part of Amazon web services. It handles large scale of data and is known for its scalability. It does parallel processing of multiple data. It uses the ACID properties as its working principle and is very popular. It is implemented in C language and has high availability. 2. PostgreSQL : PostgreSQL is a database that has a object-relational model and was developed by PostgreSQL Global Development group in 1989. It is a powerful free open source software. It is also known as Postgres. PostgreSQL is supported by majority of operating systems and has a good performance. It is a extended version of SQL and has additional features. It mainly works on the principle of ACID. It is implemented in C language. 
Difference between Amazon Redshift and PostgreSQL :

S.NO. Amazon Redshift PostgreSQL
1. Amazon Redshift was developed in 2012 by Amazon. PostgreSQL was developed in 1989 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group.
2. It is a commercial software. It is an open-source software.
3. It is cloud based. It is not cloud based.
4. It supports hosted operating systems. It supports operating systems like Solaris, Unix, Windows.
5. The rating of Amazon Redshift is lower than PostgreSQL. The rating of PostgreSQL is higher than Amazon Redshift.
6. It doesn’t have XML support. It has XML support.
7. It does not have triggers. It has triggers.
8. It has sharding as its partitioning method. It has partitioning by range.
9. It provides in-memory capability of the system. It doesn’t provides in-memory capability of the system.
10. It is a large scale data warehouse. It is a relational database.

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