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JP Morgan Chase Internship Experience 2019 (On Campus)

Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2019
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JP Morgan & Chase recently visited our campus for hiring FTEs and interns for the year 2020 for various profiles. I sat for the internship process. Initially, the students were shortlisted based on their C.G.P.A, i.e. students only above 7.5 cgpa were allowed for the online test. Internship process consisted of an online coding round followed by Pre-Placement Talk and then 3 rounds of face to face interviews. Around 180 students were shortlisted for the online test.

The online test was hosted on Hackerrank platform and consisted of 2 coding questions to be solved within 60 minutes. Questions were straightforward and easily solvable within 60 minutes if one had enough practice.

Question 1: – Given a number n, find the smallest number that has the same set of digits as n and is greater than n. The question can be found here.

Question 2: – Question about Josephus Circle.

Test cases were rigorous and only optimized solutions were completely accepted. I was able to solve the first question completely and eventually was selected for the interviews. Around 55 students were shortlisted.

Round 1: 

This round was fully based on your resume. I was asked questions related to my projects on machine learning. Interviewers were very friendly and helpful. This is the round where you can take your interview in whichever direction you want but be careful of what you write on your resume as you will be tested on the basis of that. Do not lie on your resume. Write only what you are pretty confident about and revise your projects thoroughly. This round lasted for about 20 minutes.

Round 2:

This was a pressure round for me as the interviewer was a bit strict. This round mainly focused on your logical ability and reasoning and how well you handle the pressure. I was asked various puzzles, standard puzzles that can be found on gfg and some puzzles regarding C++ and Python.

Tips: – KEEP CALM. If you cannot answer a question, do not give up. Try different approaches and be loud about them. Do not remain silent and keep your thoughts to yourself. Be open to the interviewer about what is it that you are thinking. He is there to test your approach, not answers.

Round 3: 

The third and final round was the H.R. round. It was fairly straightforward. Just be confident and honest about whatever they ask.

Around 14 students were selected for the internship and fortunately, I was one of them. Just keep practicing from geeks for geeks and revise basic concepts before your interview, you should be good to go! Good Luck!

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