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JP Morgan Chase & Co. Interview Experience (Off-Campus Internship drive 2020)

Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2020
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I applied to JP Morgan Chase & Co. through the online portal on their website.

Round 1: This was an online aptitude type round on a platform know as pymetrics. This can be accessed from the given website or by downloading the pymetrics app on your phone. The questions were pretty simple and quite interesting. It was not conventional aptitude questions. The aim of these questions is to delineate several aspects of your character. Out of several sections, I remember only two:

  • A sequence of digits appeared on the screen and remained for 1 second each. It started with 4 digits. After that, I was supposed to write the digits in the same sequence in which they were shown. If the answer is correct the length increased by 1, if incorrect the length decreased by 1. A total of 3 mistakes were allowed after which they proceeded to the next section. I was able to reach up to a length of 19.
  • A person’s face appeared and besides was written the situation in which the person was in at the moment the photo was taken. 15 seconds were given to read this text. After which I was supposed to choose the most appropriate description of the expression from some given options that the text and the photo suggested. There were a total of 10/ 15 such questions.

One day after taking this test I received a mail stating that I have proceeded to the next round. 

Round 2: I was said that I need to complete this round within 14 days of receiving the test link.  I took my time to prepare and gave the exam after 12 days. This was an online coding test on a platform known as CodeVue. My laptop’s webcam was on throughout the exam. There were 3 sections:

  • Section 1: They asked me 4 questions about my years of experience in Java, C++, Python, and any other language (if known).
  • Pattern of sections 2 and 3 were the same: Each had one coding question. 35 minutes were allowed for each question and they had a timer. You cannot proceed to the next question until you submit the current question or your 35 minutes expire. After submitting each question a video recording window opened where I was supposed to explain the approach to my answer and approach to any efficient solution of the same question (if any). I was given two chances to record the video. The video recording timer was of 2 minutes for each question.

The questions were pretty simple.

  1. Program to convert first character uppercase in a sentence
  2. Count Possible Decodings of a given Digit Sequence

I was able to solve both the questions and explained their logic as well. After one day I received a mail stating that I will be contacted by a recruiter very soon. But unfortunately, I was never contacted. 

I later realized that I made a mistake in explaining the logic of the second question. I solved it using recursion and during the video response, I said that I could not think of any better solution while there is an efficient solution using dynamic programming. This probably resulted in my rejection.

Hope this helps!

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