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JP Morgan Chase & Co Interview Experience | Internship
  • Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2019

Online Test
1. Print spiral matrix for non square matrices:
2. Modified Josephus problem

1st Round
Resume screening to check whether you actually did your mentioned projects
I asked them what they worked on at JP Morgan.

2nd Round
Covered a lot of basic CS questions.
DSA – asked how to create and balance a BST given array of unsorted elements; Linked list vs array
DBMS – asked about joins, normalization
OS – what’s a semaphore
OOPS – what are the major OOPS concepts?
COA – what’s the full form of RISC
Projects – few follow up questions

Told me to do a Java certification by Oracle as it’d help my profile and what my plans were for till the next summer.

Asked about the use of ML in his job.

HR Round
Asked me about difficulties faced during SE project and how resolved them
Asked me what I’d do if I get assigned something I didn’t want to do

Asked her how long she’s been at JP Morgan? And what made her stay that long?

Then asked her how I could improve my resume.

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