IVY Comptech Interview Experience

Round 1:
It was an on Campus Interview. The first round was a paper-based test which was different from the rest companies. It included

1) Aptitude
2) MCQs on java
3) One coding question
I passed the test with good score.They asked us to wait for the second round. Most of the people were filtered in the first round.

Round 2:
This is a Group Discussion round. We were divided into teams and given a topic and sometime prior to the discussion.

It’s not about speaking for a long time but the right points and not trying to deviate from the topic.

Later three from each group was pushed to further round.

Round 3:

This is a technical round.
1) They asked about my project and also few questions from the Operating systems and java advanced concepts.
3) They also asked the data structures and algorithms, especially on trees. Ex: Mirror of a tree, find the width of a tree.

Successfully I completed the round

Round 3:

This is the HR round.
This round is completely about general talk. But the interview was easy, he started asking me to ask questions in return.

Like, Why do you choose this company?.

Why do you think that u are qualified for this company?. What had you achieved till now apart from your academics?.

After a wait, for four hours they selected two people from our college.I am one in that and I am very much thankful to GeeksForGeeks because I prepared for an interview from the articles you posted. It helped me a lot.

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