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ITC Infotech Interview Experience (On Campus)

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ITC Infotech recently visited our campus for various posts. Students having CPI 7 or more and no active backlogs were eligible for the drive.

Round 1:(Aptitude + Coding)

This round was conducted on the Amcat platform. There were 4 sections
1. Quantitative Aptitude (MCQ Type)
2. English (MCQ Type)
3. 2 coding questions
4. Data Interpretation (MCQ Type)

Results were declared the next day. Top 20 scorers of the aptitude were directly called for the Technical Interview and I was one of them. Others who cleared the cutoff had to face a GD round to make it to the technical interview. And mind it, GD was an elimination round.

Round 2: (Technical Interview)

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • Which post are you willing to be interviewed for? (As I was a bit interested in the data part, so I chose the post of Data Analyst.)
  • What do you mean by Data Analysis?
  • He asked me about my recent projects. (Tip: Make sure you know every bit of the project that you have undertaken.)
  • Concepts of Machine Learning because my project includes the concepts of Machine Learning and Image processing.
  • Concepts of OOPS.
  • He asked me about the coding questions that I solved in the Aptitude. He asked whether I found the questions easy or tough. (Since I’m from CSE background and I do competitive coding. So, I found it easy. The first question included the concept of Sorting and the other was of String Manipulation.)
  • Gave me a blank sheet of paper to write the code. Question: Pair with given sum. I solved it quite easily. So, he gave another question which was a modified version of the previous one. Question: Pair with sum closest to the given number.
  • Discussion about Internship experience and the technology I worked on.
  • Touched every part of the resume. So, make sure you know everything that you have mentioned in the resume.
  • Why do you think you are a good fit for the post of data analyst?

Round 3: (HR)

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • Family background.
  • How comfortable are you with relocation?
  • What do you know about ITC Infotech? What are the technologies we are working with?
  • Why ITC Infotech?

The result was declared the same day and I got selected.

I suggest being confident. Even if you don’t know something, don’t panic. Answer the rest of the questions without bothering about the outcomes. Give your best.

Thanks a lot,  Geeksforgeeks.

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Last Updated : 17 Jan, 2019
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