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Infineon Technologies Internship Interview Experience for SDE | On-Campus

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 09 May, 2021
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Infineon Technologies visited our campus in April 2021(virtually) for software and hardware interns. I applied for a software role. They conducted 1 online round + 4 rounds of interviews. It was a 3 days process. Around 800-900 aspirants applied and out of that only 450 CVs were shortlisted for the online test.

Round 1(Aptitude + Technical MCQ): This round was held on platform which had third eye proctoring( an extra mobile phone was needed for this). 

  • There were 10 sections including OOPs, Machine Learning, Aptitude, Microcontrollers, Web Development, Embedded C, Python, C++, Digital Electronics. Each section had a time limit of about 10-13 minutes. Total time for the test was 90-100 minutes. Questions were of hard level(Inspired By GATE).
  • (No negative marking was there. It is advised to attempt all).Out of 450 students who applied around 150 students were selected for the interview round which was held the very next day.

Round 2(Technical 1-Screening – 45mins): Webex meeting app was used for all the interviews. 

  • 1 Coding Question was given and it was supposed to be solved by sharing screen. The interviewers were very helpful. Any language can be used to solve.
    Questions asked was:
  • Did that and Then certain OOPs concepts were asked, the difference between pointer and reference, memory allocations of different parts of a programme, static methods and variables? Then I was screened in.

Round 3 (Technical 2 – 1.5 hrs.): This happened after 10-15 mins. 

  • Interviewers asked me to share the screen and explain every detail of my resume. 
  • Then he asked me to open my GitHub and explain a project line by line (Java – Student Management System). I have used file handling in that so he asked me what are the alternatives that I can use. 
  • I suggested a Database, hence He asked to draw and explain all the relations(tables) that are required to efficiently manage Student Management System then he asked some cross questions related to Primary key, Foreign key and how to insert, search and delete from these tables.

3 Coding Question was given. Any language can be used to solve.

  1. without in-built methods.
  3. 3 different variations sorting, using two hash tables, using only 1 hash table.

After that, I was asked to go to the next round.

Round 4 (Technical 3-1.5 hrs.): This happened after 5-10 mins. Here Interviewers were very helpful and they were giving me hints continuously.
 3-4 coding question was given. Any language can be used to solve.

  2.  – Both iterative and recursive
  5. Puzzle –

Round 5 (HR): 45 mins

  •  Started with an introduction.
  • Then asked me about my skills and how my skills will be beneficial for their organization.
  • Why do you want to join?
  • What do you know about company?
  • Are you willing to learn hardware stuff as well?
  • Then he told me about the technologies that I will be working with.
  • A simple puzzle was given and asked to solve and state the underlying algorithm(Greedy in my case).
    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!And all the best. Believe in yourself and you will be limitless.
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