Incture Technologies Interview Experience | On-Campus

I applied through college “NIT bhopal (MANIT bhopal)”. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Incture Technologies in September 2019.

Eligibility criteria : 60-70% throughout (criteria may vary college to college)

Branches :CSE/ECE/MCA

In my college 123 students (including me)was eligible for 1st round

4 rounds
1.Online test on “Skillenza”.
2.Design test
3.Tech Interview
4.Hr interview

Round 1:Online test has 4 sections. each section was easy. codding question is very easy.
10 quantitative aptitude questions(15 minute)
10 logical questions(15 minute)
10 verbal questions(15 minute)
2 codding problem (available language only c, c++, Java) : both are full coding problem (not functional) 45 minute

1. factorial of long int number

2. check array element is even or odd. if number is even then PRINT “e”+number, if number is odd then PRINT “o”+number.

In this round 31 students(including me) was selected out of 123 students.

Round 2:System Design round is very important  round for technical and HR round.

in this round have 3 questions on system design,

questions : 1. How to centralize solar power plant in your college ?

2. What is the biggest problem of India which can be resolved through technologies ?

3. E-library system in your college ?

student choose only one and give answer in one single page based on 4 point: (not in essay format write bullet/numbers or steps)

1. problem solution

2.flowchart of problem solution.

3.steps of solution

4. summary

Round 3: Technical round 

this round was held based on Design round. if your design round was gone good then you will selected after some easy (resume based) questions.

1) Tell me something about yourself.

2) Which language you know.(i replied C++, java, python)

3). he asked 2-3 coding question in python (fibonacci series, find number in string)

4). SQL (Join)

5). project discussion.

20 students (including me) selected out of 31.

Round 4: HR round  

this round was also based on Design round.

1) Tell me something about yourself.

2) What differentiates yourself from others.

3) Hobbies/interest.

4) Strength & weakness.

5) What are your future plans related with further studies?

6) Family background.

7) some little discussion on project.

Tips:- Know yourself before any interview.
Be calm & answer politely.

Finally 8 students placed (including me):

5from CSE+2from MCA+1from ECE.


All the best !

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