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HTML DOM Node isSupported() Method

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The isSupported() method in HTML DOM is used to check the specified feature is supported by the specified node or not. This method is not supported by many browsers. It returns true if the feature is supported else it returns false. 


node.isSupported(feature, version)

Note: This method has been DEPRECATED and is no longer recommended.

Parameters Used :

  • feature: It is a required parameter and used to defines the feature to check it is supported or not.
  • version: It is an optional parameter which defines the version of the feature to check if is supported.

Below program illustrates the Node isSupported() method in HTML DOM: 

Example: This example check if the feature Core, version 2.0, is supported for the <button> element or not. 


<!DOCTYPE html>
        HTML DOM Node isSupported() method
    <h2>Node isSupported() method</h2>
        Check feature Core XML DOM Level 2 is
        supported for the button element or not
    <button onclick = "myGeeks()">
        Click Here!
    <p id = "GFG"></p>
      function myGeeks() {
        var item = document.getElementsByTagName("BUTTON")[0];
        var x = item.isSupported("Core", "2.0");
        document.getElementById("GFG").innerHTML = x;


Output: Before Click on the button:


After click on the button:


Supported Browsers: The browser supported by Node isSupported() method are listed below:

  • Internet Explorer 9.0
  • Safari

Last Updated : 13 Jun, 2023
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