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HSBC Interview Experience | Set 7

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I applied to HSBC through CoCubes. They were hiring for Striker (7 lacs + variable) and Acer (12 lac + variable) profiles. We had to fill up our details and prepare the online resume at CoCubes. Then students from various colleges were called for interviews. It was a pool campus.

Round 1 (Online): It was an online webcam monitored round. There were questions from general aptitude, technical aptitude, English and coding. People with good CoCubes score and resume were allowed to skip this round, although the decision lies with them. (My CoCubes score was (680/800) so I got a direct interview call) .

Round 2 (Group Discussion): 125 students were called for Round 2 that was a Group Discussion Round. There were 10 people in my group. The moderator asked us to select a topic ourselves. I suggested a topic, explained it and after some discussion within the group and the moderator, the topic got approved and we were already into the GD. Our topic was “Inside the Box or Outside the Box? “. The ones who had good points and were confident made it to the next round.

Round 3 (Technical Interview): 29 students were called for Round 3. The interview was based on my CV and went on for 65 minutes. The interviewer asked me everything that was mentioned in my CV: all my projects, the technologies I have used and my summer internship at NRI FinTech.

1. We talked about my Final Year Project: Building a hybrid model Recommendation Engine. We talked about how I plan to implement it and what has been done so far. He was interested in knowing how I am using NLP in this project.
2. He asked me to describe my projects in JAVA and how are those applications useful. He tested my JAVA skills too by asking some basic questions. He asked me the difference between SWing and AWT.
3. He asked me about DBMS as I was working with it at NRI FinTech.
4. He also gave me some problem-solving questions to check my logical thinking skills.They were simple and can be solved if you are calm.
5. I was asked to print a few patterns, they were easy too.
6. He asked a few questions from Operating Systems.

He asked me if I had any questions for him. I asked him about the details of the profiles HSBC was hiring for.

Round 4 (Behavioural Assessment): This round went on for 45 minutes. This interview is to check your confidence level. We talked about HSBC, the recent news HSBC is involved in, the apps I use, I like and dislike, what features I would like to change in an app I use, my family background, my current offers in hand and such.
He asked me if I had any questions for him. I asked him about HSBC’s recent involvement in the RCom case and related business.

After the interview, I was told to fill a form.
After two weeks, I was offered the role of Striker and I was happy :D.

Tip: If you do not know the answer to something, tell the interviewer that you don’t know.
Be confident during your interview.
Do NOT lie in your CV or say something you don’t know thoroughly.
Always ask a good question when the interviewer asks for questions for him. This shows you have done your research.

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Last Updated : 06 Apr, 2018
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