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HP R&D Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

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HP recently visited our campus on for campus recruitments.

Profile offered: R&D engineer.

Location: Bangalore.

Round 1: Online Round 75min.

20 Aptitude Questions,
20 Technical Questions and
8 OOPS Questions(CPP or Java).

Level of Aptitude was a bit tough, and technical questions were also

From among 1100+ students, they shortlisted 38.

Round 2: Technical Interview (45 mins)

# Firstly, he asked me why we need different data structures for different applications. Explain with examples.

# then he asked me to explain how do we calculate shortest path in a graph ( dijkstra’s algo) and kruskal’s algo.

# then he asked me do I know OS and asked about virtual memory, paging, logical to physical address mapping,
TLB use.

# then he asked questions about how transactions works in DBMS, redo log in oracle, ACID properties. Locking mechanisms in transaction.

# sliding window protocol in computer networks.

# asked about my projects.

Round 3: Managerial and Technical Round(30 min)

# why do u want to work for HP

# then he gave me some conditions one of which is, if I m assigned a task by my boss to complete it within a week and I have no idea what is the task about!
He asked me what will I do!

# he asked me about my areas of interest, then he asked me to write a php program to reverse my name and how to define constant in php.

# when a source program is compiled, what happens in background.

Round 4: HR round:

He asked me about my family background,
What are my failures?
What are my weaknesses?
Any plan for higher studies?

The very next day, the results were out and I was selected.
Hope this helps.
All the best!

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Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2016
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