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Shopclues, Gurgaon Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 05 Dec, 2016
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Company: Clues Network Pvt. Ltd Gurgoan

Profile: Software Engineer

Shopclues visited our campus in Mid -October, 2016

First round It was an online round. It had 15 aptitude/reasoning and
15 technical questions (C, Java, OS, DBMS) in 45 minutes.

Level of aptitude questions was average.

18 were shortlisted from over 100 candidates .

Then 3 technical interviews + 1 HR round

Technical Interview -1 FTF

1. Discussion on the projects that I have done. I had done 3 projects.

2. Implementation of Escalator, concept, data structure to be used.

3. Sql joins and types of keys

4. A mathematical puzzle (solved it by divide and conquer approach)

5. Merge two unsorted linked list and also removing duplicates (best approach)

6. OS scheduling.

Lasted for around 35 minutes

16 people went to next round

Technical Interview-2 FTF

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why do u want to join?

3. Two C code (easy)

4. Java Inheritance, abstract classes, interfaces.

5. How an Http request is processed.

6. How will you make sure only one session is active at a time.

7. What is Kernel? Its functions?

8. Web technologies, open source technologies.

Lasted for around 25 minutes

12 people went to next round

Technical Interview-3 FTF

1. Introduction

2. One code from doubly linked list.

3. Questions from project, Authentication methods used in project

It lasted for around 20 minutes

9 people went for HR round

HR interview

Why do u want to join?

How Shopclues is different from other e-commerce companies.

Recent in news about Shopclues.

Number of petrol pumps in your city? How you got this number?

Finally 4 people were given Job Offer.

Thanks to Geeksforgeeks as it helped me a lot in preparing.

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