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How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to iPhone

Last Updated : 15 Apr, 2024
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These days, a lot of us live our lives and operate businesses through smartphones, rarely touching a PC or laptop. Fortunately, Apple realized this a decade ago and designed the iPhone, which is easy to access and allows you to share images/videos, and documents from your iPhone to other iPhones hassle-free.

How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to iPhone

It’s not surprising that photos have become an integral part of our lives, especially in the new media age. Many people get confused about how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. Well, you don’t have to worry, as it is an easy process, and in fact, there are numerous quick ways of doing it. Want to know them all? Let’s start, but before that, knowing the things required to transfer photos is essential.

What Do You Need Before Transferring Photos from iPhone to iPhone?

Here are a few things you would require while transferring photos from iPhone to iPhone-

1) Both iPhones

The foremost thing required to transfer photos is the availability of both the iPhones from which you want to transfer the photo and the receiver phone.

2) Internet Connection

Some methods require internet connectivity to transfer photos. Therefore, you need to be at a place where Internet is available- either Wi-Fi or mobile data.

3) Battery

Before starting the image transfer process, ensure both iPhones are sufficiently charged. If the battery is low in any device, the phone can switch off, and you might not be able to transfer the photos.

4) USB Cable

Some methods require a USB cable to transfer photos, as you need to connect the computer to your iPhone with the cable.

Methods of Transfer

Wondering how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone? Below mentioned are a few ways in which you can transfer the photos seamlessly-

1) Using iCloud

This is one of the methods for transferring photos, as the data stored on iCloud can be easily accessed on any device using the same Apple ID. When you sign up for iCloud, you will get 5GB of free space. So, here are the steps for transferring photos from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud-

Step 1– On your iPhone, go to the settings option and click on your name

Open your name

Step 2– It will open a list of options, you need to click on iCloud and then select the ‘Photos’ option

Select photos option

Step 3– After that, you will see two options, “Optimize iPhone Storage” or “Download and Keep Originals,” you can select any as per your requirement

Select option

Step 4– As soon as you choose an option, your iPhone will start uploading your photos to iCloud

Step 5– Once all the images are uploaded to iCloud, you need to enable iCloud Photos on the other iPhone

Step 6– Now, when you open the ‘Photos’ app on your other iPhone, you can view all the iCloud pictures.

2) Using AirDrop

This method can be an excellent option to share a couple of photos. Airdrop is the USP of the Apple ecosystem that lets you share photos from iPhone to iPhone within seconds. To send pictures using AirDrop, both iPhones must be connected to the Internet, and their Bluetooth should be on. Here are the steps for transferring photos using Airdrop-

Step 1- The first step is to open the Control Center, connect the Wi-Fi and switch on the Bluetooth. Ensure that you have turned off your Personal Hotspot

Open the Control Center-(1)

Step 2– Click on the connection section of the Control Center and switch on the AirDrop. When you turn on the AirDrop, it will give you options: ‘Contacts only’ and ‘Everyone for 10 minutes,’ you can select any option as per your requirement
AirDrop Options

Step 3– Now, you need to go to the ‘Photos’ app on your iPhone and select the photos you wish to send on the other iPhone

Select Photos

Step 4– Click on the share button on the right bottom of the screen and select AirDrop

Select AirDrop

Step 5- As soon as you click on AirDrop, it will show you the name of the other iPhone on which you want to send the pictures

Step 6– The other iPhone will get the notification; you need to tap on the ‘Accept’ button to receive the photos.

Accept & Decline Option
3) Using iTunes/Finder

When talking about how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone, this is one method that should not be missed. It is one of the most straightforward methods for transferring photos across iPhones. You must know that iTunes will delete images in the photo library when transferring the pictures to the other iPhone.

Furthermore, if the iCloud photo library is turned on your phone when syncing photos using iTunes, you might get a pop-up: ‘iCloud Photos is on. ‘ABC’ can access photos in iCloud. Photos can be downloaded to your device via Wi-Fi or cellular network.’ In this case, you will need to turn off the iCloud photo library, as you will not be able to complete the process.

Here are the steps for transferring photos using iDevice to iDevice by iTunes-

Step 1– Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable

Step 2– Mac users will be able to access the photos on the Photos app, and Windows users will need to click on Import Pictures and Videos

Note: We have taken all these screenshots in Mac.

access the photos on the Photos app

Step 3– Select the images you need to transfer and select “Import or Import Selected

Select Import Selected

Step 4– Now, connect the other iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and download iTunes on your computer

Step 5– Open iTunes and click on the ‘iPhone Name’ button on the left side of the screen

iPhone Name

Step 6– On the left panel, click on the ‘Photos’ option and select the ‘Sync’ option


Step 7– Click the ‘Apply’ option to sync photos on the other iPhone.

4) Third-Party Apps

Numerous third-party apps can be used to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone-

i) Photo Transfer App

Photo Transfer App

To transfer photos using this app, it is important that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Here are the steps to use this app-

Step1- Open the app and click on the ‘Send’ button

Step 2- Choose the ‘Other Device’ option and select the photos you want to share

Receiver Phone

Step 1- Click on the ‘Refresh Devices’ button to find the sender and select the device you want to receive the photos from

Step 2- The next step is to select the “get photos & videos” button to start the transfer.

ii) TouchCopy


It is a reliable platform that transfers photos from iPhone to iPhone. This is how you can send the pictures in just a few steps-

Step 1- Open the platform on your PC and connect your phone

Step 2- Go to the photos tab and click on ‘Save to PC’ or ‘Copy to Mac’ to copy your photos to your computer

Step 3- Now, you can close TouchCopy, connect your new iPhone using a USB port, and open iTunes

Step 4- Select your device in iTunes and click on photos. Choose the folder on your computer from which you wish to copy pictures and click on the ‘Apply’ option.

Common Issues

Let’s discuss about some of the common issues Apple users face while transferring photos from iPhone to iPhone-

1) Insufficient iCloud Storage Space– If you don’t have enough iCloud storage space, you won’t be able to transfer the photos. In such a case, you will have to buy extra storage.

2) iCloud Photos is Disabled on New iPhone– You need to ensure that iCloud is enabled on the phone you send photos to.

3) Not Enough Storage Space on New iPhone– This is another issue that could stop the process; therefore, check the storage of the other iPhone before sending photos.

4) Unstable Internet connection– Ensure you have good internet speed when transferring photos.

5) iOS Bug– Always update the iOS version on both devices before sharing the photos to make the process seamless.


By now, you must be clear on how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. We understand that photos are the best way to retain your memories. Therefore, you can use any of these methods, as they are easy, and can transfer photos within minutes. You can choose any method at your convenience, but ensure you have a strong Internet connection before commencing the process.


How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone?

You can transfer photos using AirDrop, iCloud, iTunes, messages, third-party apps, and creating a shared album.

Is it possible to share photos from iPhone to iPhone using Email?

Yes, you can share photos by sending an email.

Can I share photos if my iCloud account is disabled?

You cannot share photos using iCloud if your iCloud account is disabled. However, you can use other methods to share photos.

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