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How To Connect Your iPhone To Your Computer?

Last Updated : 14 Nov, 2022
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iPhone is the most impressive mobile ever in history. Youngsters are fans of this kind of mobile. Some users often hesitate to call it a smartphone. Because the phrase “Smartphone” is very less to compare to the smartness of this device. Apple corporates developed the iPhones. They are not smartphones those are running with the Android operating system. They are running with the help of macOS. It is a new kind of operating system. This operating system can only be found on the devices that are brought by the Apple organization. Users found this device is much better than any of the devices. Most of the users like this product to use the camera provided with the device.

Users are fond of this device. Though the device’s starting range is a minimum of 50K. But the young generation like to use these devices. As the device provides a special marking to the user. And the camera & other necessary systems are unique to any other device. But there is sometimes a problem with this device. The major issue is this device can only be easily communicated with other iPhones. Also, the application installation process is different here. This device is not only easily attached to the computers. There is a need to use a special method.

iPhones can’t easily connect to the computer. It is not possible to directly connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB. That is why it is quite difficult to connect iPhone to the computer. It is not similar to connecting an android device to a computer. In this case, users need to use special software on the computer. This software is known as iTunes. This is the authorized software from the Apple company. This is the required software for connecting iPhones to the computer. So, users need to install the software on their computers previously. Otherwise, there will be a problem connecting iPhones with computers.

Connecting iPhone To Computer:

Step 1: At first, users need to open the iTunes software on their computer. A new window will open in front of the users.


Step 2: Then users need to use the USB-C cable. The same cable that is used to charge the iPhone. One end should be inserted into the computer’s USB drive. And another end in the iPhone.

Step 3: Whenever the iPhone is connected with the USB cable, a small sign of mobile will appear on the window of iTunes. This means that the mobile is now, connected to the computer. Hence, the user can perform any task there. Users need to click over there.


Step 4: After clicking on the sign, the user will find every detail of their iPhone. Users can perform any task using this software.


Note: Users have successfully connected the iPhone to the computer. But it is advisable to know about the disconnection method also. It is advisable to follow the below method to disconnect the device from the computer. It is not a proper way to remove the USB cable from any of the ends to break down the connection. That action might create issues for the computer & iPhone also.

Step 5: After doing the task, users need to disconnect the device. For that, purpose, users need to click on the specific icon over the iTunes window. This will safely disconnect the mobile from the device. Now, users can easily detach the mobile from the computer.


Hence, we have successfully connected iPhone to the computer.

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