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How to Open the Terminal on a Mac

Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2023
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A terminal is a useful tool for sending commands to your Mac. Though  It’s not as simple as typing in a sentence and having your Mac answer that. You need to have a certain level of knowledge to be able to utilize Terminal. Now, in order to use it, you need to open it first. So, let’s check out some of the best methods that you try out.

Methods to Open the Terminal on a Mac

Method 1: Open Terminal Using Spotlight Search

Step 1: Click the search icon in the menu bar or hit Command + Space to open it.

open terminal on mac


Step 2: Type Terminal in the text field. The Terminal app will appear. Click on it to open.

open terminal on mac


Method 2: Open Terminal Using the Applications Folder

Step 1: In the menu bar, click on Go. Then, hit Applications from the dropdown list.

open terminal on mac


Step 2: The Applications folder will open. Find the Utilities folder inside it and double-click on it. The below folder will appear. You will notice the Terminal app at the bottom. Click on it to open.

open mac terminal


Method 3: Open Terminal Using Launchpad

Step 1: Click on the below icon or press F4 to open Launchpad.

how to open terminal on mac


Step 2: Type Terminal in the search bar. The Terminal app will appear. Click on it to open.

open terminal mac


Thus, by following the above methods, you can easily and quickly open the Terminal on your Mac. 

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