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Using Lynx to Browse the Web From the Linux Terminal

Last Updated : 03 Oct, 2019
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Lynx is a terminal-based web browser for all Linux distributions. It shows the result as plain text on the terminal. It is a classic non-graphical text-mode web browser which displays the pages on the terminal. Lynx does not load images and multimedia contents, hence it is fast as compared to other browsers. One who do not want so many images and multimedia contents on web pages, they prefer using lynx. It is easy to install and easy to use and it does not require any additional interface to run or show the contents, it does so on the terminal.
Lynx does not come by default with ubuntu, we need to install it using the command:

sudo apt-get install lynx

After installation, we can simply browse the pages using the command:

lynx desired url

Up arrow, Down arrow and Tab keys are used to navigate to different links in the web page. It also provides a feature to ask to save cookies of the requested web page i.e we are given choices whether choosing to save the cookies or not.

Properties of Lynx Browser:

  • Text-based Web Browser
  • Highly configurable
  • Commands used to configure
  • Oldest web browser in use
  • Supports many features of HTML
  • Compatible with old hardware

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