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How to Install Bodhi Linux?

  • Last Updated : 17 Feb, 2021

Bodhi Linux is very light which can run on 256 Mb of RAM, but packed with cool features Linux distribution featuring fast and customizable desktop system Moksha Desktop, which is a fork of the old enlightenment desktop. Enlightenment desktop was a bit of an unusual specimen because it was very attractive and very lightweight at the same time. Bodhi team forked the Enlightenment desktop to Moksha Desktop simply because it was changing very frequently and making it too much work for their look and feel to improve and adjust to it. Some of the benefits of using Bodhi Linux are listed below:

  • Very Lightweight desktop.
  • Support the old system (32 bit).
  • Easy to customize the layout.
  • Based on Ubuntu.

In this article, we will see how to install Bodhi Linux distro in our system.


  1. System Requirements: Min 256 Mb of RAM, 10 Gb free space on disk, and 500 MHz processor.
  2. Empty USB stick or DVD of at least 4 GB storage.
  3. Rufus Installed in the system to create a bootable drive. We can also use Balena Etcher to do the same.

Step 1: Download the Bodhi ISO file and create a bootable device.

First, we will download a copy of Bodhi ISO file. We will go to the downloads page of Bodhi Linux through this link and download the standard release.

How to Install Bodhi Linux

After the installation is finished we will launch Rufus and plug in a USB or DVD drive in our system to flash the Bodhi Linux ISO file on it to make a bootable drive. In the Rufus window, we will select the drive that we inserted in the PC, and in the boot selection option, we will the ISO file that we just downloaded. In the partition scheme dropdown, we will select GPT as it is a 64-bit architecture, and hit the start button. Now we will wait for a few seconds till it flashes the drive.

How to Install Bodhi Linux?

Step 2: Boot the image

After the Bodhi ISO file has been flashed on the drive, we will have to boot our computer from this drive. For that, we will reboot the system and press the boot key for our system just after the screen get lit at the time of start. In the boot menu, we will change select the bootable drive and boot system from it. Your system will either automatically boot in try without installation mode or this screen will appear.

How to Install Bodhi Linux?

Here we select the first option. We could have also selected the third option to directly jump onto installer but trying it before installation is considered good as it gives the user a chance to see if all system is working fine or not.

Step 3: Install and setup

If you had chosen the third option then the Bodhi Installer will be launched with the language selection window. And if you chose the first option then the Bodhi Linux would have been launched in live mode, now you need manually launch the installer by following this route. Menu > Application > Preferences > Install Bodhi Linux. 


The first thing that we need to do in the installer is to select a language for our system, which in our case would be English. After selecting English on the left-hand menu we will click the continue button.

How to Install Bodhi Linux?

#Keyboard Layout

The second thing that installer asks is to select a layout for the keyboard. He in India almost all of us use the qwerty layout, so we would select English (US) and move ahead.

How to Install Bodhi Linux?

#Updated and other Software

Now in this third step, we have to select both the check-boxes because we want to all the updates while installing Bodhi and we also want to add third-party software for performance purposes.

How to Install Bodhi Linux?

#Installation Type

In this step, we are provided with a bunch of option for the installation type. Here we will select the third option which says erase the disk and install Bodhi, so what this will do is it will delete all the programs, documents, photo, music and any other type of file which was saved in the previous operating system. 

How to Install Bodhi Linux?

After clicking on the install now button it will ask for the confirmation to delete all the data which is previously stored on the disk, we will click continue to move ahead.


Here, we need to provide the timezone in which we live. We would click on India and move ahead.

How to Install Bodhi Linux?

#Add User and Password

Now we have to add a user for our system with administrative rights, so we will fill this form and click continue.

How to Install Bodhi Linux?


After completing the previous step the installation of Bodhi Linux on our selected dick will begin and it will take around 15-30 minutes to complete depending on your system configuration and internet speed.

How to Install Bodhi Linux?

After the installation is finished we will be asked to reboot our system by removing the installation.


That was all to the installation of Bodhi Linux. Now our PC will boot with a fresh copy of Bodhi Linux with the Moksha desktop. 

How to Install Bodhi Linux?

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