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How to Install Linux on Windows PowerShell Subsystem?

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There are several ways to Install a Linux subsystem on your Windows PC Powershell Environment. It is good for learners, but it is recommended using original Linux OS if you are a developer as the Subsystem lacks the pre-installed Linux tools. Before we begin installing a Linux subsystem, we need to first enable a Windows feature for Subsystems.

Enabling Windows Subsystem Feature for Linux:

To install Linux Subsystem, there is a need to Turn Windows features ON. Steps to do the same are as follows: Step 1: Search and open Turn Windows features on or off in Start Menu. Linux-on-PowerShell-00   Step 2: Look for Windows Subsystem for Linux and enable it. Linux-on-PowerShell-02   Step 3: Once the installation is over, reboot your system to finish adding the changes. Linux-on-PowerShell-03   Downloading and Installing Linux OS: There are two ways to download and install any Linux OS in the Windows Subsystem:
  • Downloading from the Microsoft Store
  • Downloading using Windows PowerShell

Downloading and Installing using Microsoft Store:

Step 1: Open MS Store and search for Linux. Now, download any of the listed Linux OSs. Linux-on-PowerShell-04   Step 2: Click on the Get button and begin with the downloading of Kali Linux OS. Linux-on-PowerShell-05 Linux-on-PowerShell-06   Step 3: Once the Installation is over click on the Launch button. Linux-on-PowerShell-07   Step 4: Begin with the final installation process on the command-line. Linux-on-PowerShell-08   Step 5: Provide a Username and password for your Linux OS and finish the installation process. Linux-on-PowerShell-09

Downloading using command-line:

Step 1: Search for Windows Powershell in the Start Menu and open it. Linux-on-PowerShell-01   Step 2: Type the following command to install Linux OS and press Enter:
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile Ubuntu.appx -UseBasicParsing
Add-AppxPackage .\Ubuntu.appx
Linux-on-PowerShell-11-01   Step 3: Launch Ubuntu from the Start Menu and begin with the rest of the Installation process: Linux-on-PowerShell-151 Linux-on-PowerShell-13   Step 4: Provide Username and password to setup your Linux OS and finish the installation process. Linux-on-PowerShell-14   Once the installation of the Linux Subsystem is over, it can be launched anytime with Windows PowerShell. Just type the name of the OS in the PowerShell and press Enter. Linux-on-PowerShell-12

Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2021
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