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How to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever on iOS/Android

Last Updated : 04 Apr, 2024
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With the passage of type, new methods of listening to music have come into play. In the older times music used to be played using those old and big machines known as gramophones. After some time Jukebox took place and within a few years, we had audio cassettes.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever on iOS/Android

The era of the audio cassette was unique; it was the dominant method of listening to music for a lifetime. After the evolution of the CD, we found CDs to be the main source of listening to music starting from 1990 to mid-2000s. But as the time changed the ways of listening music also evolved and from gramophones we have come a long way to streaming music online, through various apps, such as Spotify.

Now, What is streaming music? Well, streaming is about listening to music without it needing to be stored on your device. When it comes to streaming music, many platforms came up but none of them was able to replace Spotify.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is an audio streaming platform that has but it is not just a normal music streaming platform, it is more than that. This platform not only has millions of songs but also hosts other audio-based materials as well such as podcasts and audio shows along with millions of songs. Some of its podcasts have also won awards so it has been a very influential platform for audio-based material. What makes Spotify unique?

Well, it is its large amount of music and also the ability that Spotify gives its users to find something unique for their music genre. Spotify playlist has become a great social media tool to share with friends so that they can also know what you listen to.

How to Use Spotify for Free? 

Spotify is available for free and for this, you need to download the app or open the platform on your PC. For the free version, you get many limitations. You can not listen to the music at the highest quality, you can not skip into a particular part of the song, you can not repeat a song. The biggest issue with the free version is that Spotify makes you listen to Ads in the free version.

How to avoid all this? For this, you need to get the premium. If you are new at Spotify, you do get a Trial period of two or three months during which you get all the features of a free version. You can make up your mind during this time if you want to go with the free version or want to buy the premium.

Ways to Get Spotify Premium for Free

There are multiple methods available for different users from multiple geographical locations to access Spotify premium for free. Some of the top listed methods are:

1. Getting a Trial 

This is one of the most popular ways to get Spotify for Free. Many people who are new to using Spotify, they all get the free trial. If you are new at Spotify, you do get a trial period of two or three months during which you get all the features of a free version. You can make up your mind during this time if you want to go with the free version or want to buy the premium.

2. Using Samsung Smartphone and AT & T

There are several ways to get access to the premium features of Spotify without payment. The first way offers an additional three months when you buy a Samsung smartphone. Another way is available with AT&T Unlimited, where customers can get up to 6 months of Spotify premium from an AT&T WatchTV account.

3. For Tinder and PayPal Users 

For Tinder users with active Gold or Platinum subscriptions, it is possible to get premium Spotify for four months, following the instructions of the application. The third option to get premium without payment is to use a 3 months trial for PayPal users in South Korea.

This is a very popular method of getting Spotify for free but this method is limited to certain geographical locations so if you are in South Korea then you can use this method to get your Spotify for Free.

4. Mod Version 

This is another great option but it is not as secure as other options. With this, you have to search “Modded Spotify” on Google and you’ll find many websites with APKs to download. You can download any APK that you want from secure websites such as APK Mirror.

But this method is not very safe. What happens many times is that the user get an apk installed into their phone and that apk many times has malware attached to them so it is not very safe to use these types of modded applications.

5. Xbox Game Pass

For those who are gamers, Xbox, famous for its stunning game experience, now has something special available. At the monthly rate of $14.99, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you the biggest gaming library ever and with each subscription, a free 6-month trial Spotify Premium Account is available for new users to forget about the future costs and focus only on enjoying their present music.

To claim the 6-month Spotify Premium trial, Sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate through the Xbox website, log in or create an Xbox account if necessary, go into the perks section within Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to find the Spotify Premium offer and follow their clearly provided instructions to redeem your trial.

6. Using Multiple Accounts 

This is another way of getting Spotify free for months. In this method you keep on creating a new Spotify account using different email id or phone numbers whatever you prefer. So in this way you can have a large supply of free Spotify accounts as long as you are giving the platform new email ID to register.

With this method, you have almost a lifetime of free Spotify accounts. This method requires time and effort and you have to create new email ids to use it with a new Spotify account so that you can use the trial for up to 6 months.


Spotify is a platform that has changed the way music is listened to. It has been a revolution for many and it will continue to hold its place in the world of music streaming platforms for the years to come. Such is the impact this great platform has had all over the world. Today, for many people, listening to music is all about going to Spotify and playing their favorite tracks. It has been a game changer and a trendsetter in the market of music streaming.

It is a great tool to ensure that good music doesn’t grow in the world of billion views and million likes. It is also a great deal for the artists if their music starts to appear on Spotify. It gives their music a larger audience so that they can grow and succeed as an artist quickly. It’s popularity is unmatched compared to many other platforms available today. It will most likely continue to grow and develop because it has developed a loyal user base around it.

FAQs – How to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever on iOS/Android

Is Spotify easy to use? 

Yes, it is very easy to use. It is in fact, one of the easiest audio streaming platforms available today. The interface on both the web as well as on the mobile version is kind of similar and very quick to learn. Anyone can become comfortable with Spotify within a few minutes of trying it by themselves.

What genres does Spotify have?

On Spotify, you’ll find almost every genre of music easily. From your typical Pop to Rock, Country, Techno and even Blues and Jazz, Spotify is filled with many options to try. This diversity in music is because it has millions of songs and it keeps on adding newer songs to modify its database.

How much does Spotify premium cost per year?

Spotify Premium charges for every month. It starts with a basic plan that only one person can use, this plan at $10.99 per month is quite good. You can get a discount if you are a student but for that, you need to prove that you are a student through ID.

Is high quality audio possible? 

Yes, it does stream in high quality if they have the premium subscription. In the premium version, you get the audio streaming at 320 kbit/s which is the highest streaming quality available by it. But for this quality, you need to have a good internet connection that is fast enough to support streaming at such high quality.

Can Spotify be used for Podcasts? 

Spotify is not just limited to music, it is more than that. Many podcasts on Spotify have gained millions of hearings and many of the podcasts about so won numerous awards as well. If you don’t like to listen to music much you can also tune into the various podcasts that are available on Spotify.

Do many people use Spotify for white noise/ background noise? 

Many people like to hear things when they are working out or doing any work. Spotify can be quite useful for that purpose. It has many tracks of just ambient music that can be used to focus and concentrate on work. You can also start a news-based show in the background while doing your work so that you get updated while doing your work.

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