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How to get file name from a path in PHP?

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2019
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Given full path, find file name in the path.

Input : path = /testweb/var/www/mywebsite/htdocs/home.php
Output : home.php

Input : path = /testweb/var/www/mywebsite/htdocs/abc.txt
Output : abc.txt

1. Using basename():


$filename = basename(path, suffix);

Path is a required field. It specifies the path to check.
Suffix is a optional field. It specifies a file extension. If the filename has this file extension, the file extension will not show.

<!--PHP code to get file name-->
<!--from path name-->
$path = "/testweb/var/www/mywebsite/htdocs/home.php";
$file1 = basename($path);
$file2 = basename($path, ".php");
//Show filename with file extension
echo $file1 . "\n";
//Show filename without file extension
echo $file2;



2. Using pathinfo():
Also we can use the function pathinfo() which creates an array with the parts of the path we want to use.


$filename = pathinfo(path);

when we want to access the file name we will use $filename[‘basename’].

<!--PHP code to get file name-->
<!--from path name-->
    //Path of the file stored under pathinfo
    $myFile = pathinfo('/usr/admin/config/test.php');
    //Show the file name
    echo $myFile['basename'], "\n";


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