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How to get the current file name using PHP script ?

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In this article, we will learn how to get the current filename using PHP.
Input : c:/xampp/htdocs/project/home.php
Output : project/home.php

Input : c:/xampp/htdocs/project/abc.txt
Output : project/abc.txt

Sometimes, we need to get the current file name with the directory name in which our page is stored for different purposes. Since we are using PHP, we can easily get the current file name or directory name of the current page by using $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’].

Using $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’]: $_SERVER is an array of stored information such as headers, paths, and script locations. These entries are created by the webserver. There is no other way that every web server will provide any of this information.

Syntax: ‘SCRIPT_NAME’ gives the path from the root to include the name of the directory.

  1. To get the current file name. We use
    $currentPage= $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'];
  2. To show the current file name. We use
    echo $currentPage;

PHP code: The following is the complete code to get the current file name with the directory name.


// To Get the Current Filename.
$currentPage= $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'];
// To Get the directory name in 
// which file is stored.
$currentPage = substr($currentPage, 1);
// To Show the Current Filename on Page.
echo $currentPage




 In this code, substr() PHP function is used to extract the part of string from $currentPage variable string. 

Last Updated : 16 Feb, 2021
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