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How to Delete Whatsapp Business Account?

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2024
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With its rapid, simple, and individual approach, WhatsApp is quickly becoming a preferred option for businesses to connect with their clients. WhatsApp Business has become essential for businesses worldwide since it simplifies order management, communication, and product and service promotion. However, a few businesses are unlikely to use WhatsApp properly, which might give rise to unhelpful situations.

To delete WhatsApp business account might be required due to various reasons, such as account crashes, changes, or various other reasons. This article goes over how to delete a WhatsApp Business account in great detail. Let’s also look at the reasons and situations behind the deletion of a WhatsApp Business account before moving on to how to do it.

What is Deleting a WhatsApp Business Account?

WhatsApp Business

It’s extremely important to be mindful of the effects before deciding to remove your WhatsApp Business account. When you remove your WhatsApp Business account, generally speaking, everything associated with it is also gone. That feels like starting again with no past encounters or memories. Be cautious not to accidentally remove important information that you may need in the future.

It is therefore important that you consider both advantages and issues related before deleting anything.

Reasons for Deleting Business Accounts on WhatsApp

Among all the reasons why a WhatsApp Business account could be deleted, there are three main reasons:

1. When your account’s rating drops

Business accounts on WhatsApp receive a score depending on their activity; if an account violates the guidelines or participates in excessive advertising, it may be terminated. The site may ban the account if the score falls too low.

A WhatsApp Business account may receive a lower score, for instance, if it sends a lot of messages but many of them are reported as abusive or spam. If this occurs, it might be time to create a new, best practice compliant account and remove the old one. The firm may function effectively on the platform once appropriate strategies are put in place.

2. When there is a decrease in participation

A drop in WhatsApp campaign participation could indicate that your audience is moving to other channels. For instance, if you are a business owner and use WhatsApp to market your handcrafted jewelry, you might eventually observe a drop in interaction. Both order placement and message response rates are declining among your customers. Nothing appears to work, despite attempting a number of strategies to increase involvement.

Studies indicate that consumers are moving to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram because they make it simpler for them to find and purchase goods. Therefore, it might not be the greatest use of your money to keep funding WhatsApp promotional activities.

3. If your account is banned

Nothing is more annoying for a business owner than having their WhatsApp Business account banned, particularly if they are keen to begin marketing and establishing connections with new clients.

You’ve invested a lot of time, resources, and energy into developing your business’s WhatsApp presence, merely to find the whole thing falling apart because of a simple miscommunication.

Effects of Deleting WhatsApp Business Account

It is crucial to fully understand the effects before starting with the process of deleting WhatsApp Business accounts. Any connected data, such as contacts, the media, and chat histories, will be permanently deleted when a WhatsApp Business account is deleted.

You will also not be able to recover this information after it has been destroyed. Therefore, before beginning the deletion procedure, it is important that you backup any important data.

How to Remove a WhatsApp Business Account: A Guide to Follow

Now let’s look into a few easy methods for deleting WhatsApp Business account:

Step 1 – Start a business WhatsApp account: Open WhatsApp Business on your phone or other device.

Step 2 – Find the settings: On the screen, tap the “Settings” option in the lower-right corner. The Settings menu will then open.

Search for Settings

Step 3 – Locate and select Business Settings: Locate and select “Business settings” from the Settings menu.

Step 4 – Pick an account: After that, press the “Account” button. This will show you a number of account-related settings.

Select Account

Step 5 – Delete Account: Locate “Delete my account” by scrolling down. To continue, only tap on it.

Delete Account

Step 6 – Put your phone number: You will be asked by WhatsApp to provide the phone number linked to the business account you want to remove. Ensure that the phone number you enter is correct.

Enter Phone Number

Step 7 – Verify the deletion: WhatsApp will notify you of the effects of deleting WhatsApp Business account in a confirmation message that appears after you input your phone number. Take your time going over the information.

Verify Deletion

Step 8 – Last Verification: Click the “Delete My Account” option if you’re sure you want to deleting WhatsApp Business account. WhatsApp will sometimes ask you to re-enter the WhatsApp business number in order to request additional verification.

Step 9 – Wait for the process of deletion: WhatsApp will start the deletion procedure as soon as it is verified. It may take a couple of times, so please be calm and wait for it to finish.

Step 10 – Verification of Deletion: You’ll get a confirmation message after your WhatsApp Business account has been permanently removed. This means that WhatsApp’s servers have permanently deleted your user account and all related data.

Observations After Deletion for Business Accounts on WhatsApp

1. Restore important information

Make sure that before deleting anything, you backup important data, such as contacts, chat histories, or media files. Notify clients, associates, and other relevant parties about the closing of the account and offer alternate means of communication.

2. Look into legal documentation

Check any relevant laws or rules on data deletion and compliance with customer communications.

3. Look at other platforms

If WhatsApp Business is not the right messaging tool or networking system for the business you run, look into other options.


Even though it looks easy to delete WhatsApp Business account, doing this will cause all of your data to be lost and a new profile to be created. Before making the choice of Deleting WhatsApp Business account, it’s critical to consider different options. There are plenty of ways to update your company’s information and streamline your communications system, for example.

But you may safely remove your WhatsApp Business account, reducing the chance of data loss and guaranteeing an easy change for your company, by following the detailed instructions provided in this complete article.

How to Delete WhatsApp Business Account – FAQs

What happens if I uninstall the WhatsApp Business app?

WhatsApp Business Premium subscriptions remain active until canceled, even if the app is removed from your phone. Switching to WhatsApp Messenger will disconnect your web page and linked devices.

Is it possible to change my WhatsApp Business number?

Yes. On your mobile device, hit the three small points menu button in the upper right corner, choose Settings > Account > Update phone number to update your new business number.

What happens if I delete my WhatsApp Business app?

Deactivating your WhatsApp Business account means no more messages or calls, and your profile info disappears. Your contacts won’t get notifications anymore.

Can I remove my number from WhatsApp Business?

Yes, you can remove your number from WhatsApp Business. Simply go to Settings > Account > Delete my account and follow the prompts to confirm.

How do I permanently delete WhatsApp Business chats?

To permanently delete WhatsApp Business chats, select the chat, tap delete, and confirm.

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